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Who’s behind The Nurtury ​?

We are Jenny & Ingrid, and together we are The Nurtury. We actually attended the same school in Sydney (we won’t mention how long ago…), albeit in different year groups. We re-connected after moving to the Central Coast and ending up at the same church. Now our children attend the same school, and after several ‘meetings’ in the school car park, we decided our shared passions needed to be transformed into a joint venture that would serve the women of the Central Coast … and so, The Nurtury was born.
Read a bit more about us below.

Hi, I’m Jen.

I live on the Central Coast and I’ve had the privilege of being a Midwife since 2000. I have loved working in a Sydney Birthing Unit for those 17 years and have also enjoyed teaching Prenatal Classes to expectant parents. I have four beautiful children who keep me busy and teach me so much about the hard, yet incredibly rewarding job that is parenting. I have been able to share that knowledge with parents through a parenting course created by the Mother’s Union group.

I am passionate about helping new parents settle into their new job of raising the next generation. I love to help parents establish good sleep routines, learn settling techniques, recover from the birth experience (both good and tough), commence solids and establish parenting techniques. You may also just want to talk through your birthing experience yet to come.

I can travel to your home, expecting to see you still in your pyjamas, with a pile of dishes on the sink and just meet you where you are at. I’ve been there! There is no judgement, just help.

My philosophy won’t suit everyone. I teach parents a sleep routine, one I have used in my own parenting. It is not starkly rigid, with no room for life’s changes, but it will help your little one to sleep solidly overnight and give you the much needed rest you need to parent to the best of your rested ability. I don’t allow babies to cry for hours on end. Babies need cuddles, love and assurance. They are usually crying for a good reason. However, I will help you as parents, to teach your child to self-settle, and to love the sleep they get!

Hi, I’m Ingrid.

I’m a trained birth & post-natal Doula. I’m passionate about helping new mums as they settle into parenthood. Having benefited from someone doing this for me after my 3rd baby was born, I know first-hand what an important difference it makes.

Having a baby is a wondrous and joyful experience- but that doesn’t mean it’s without a few challenges! It’s so common these days to live quite a distance from family, but the old adage “it takes a village to raise a child” still rings true. This time in your life, perhaps more than any other, is a time to be kind to yourself and accept any help you may need.

I would consider it a huge privilege to come alongside you, in the comfort of your own home, and ‘fill the gap’ in whatever way helps you . The word ‘Doula’ means ‘mother to the mother’, someone who is intuitive and who encourages & nurtures you…and that’s just what I love to do!