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“I was lucky enough to have Ingrid come for a home visit when my first son was around 8 weeks old. He was in a cycle of feeding every 2 hours and we were all so exhausted. Ingrid was so gentle in her approach yet had so much knowledge and experience to help us understand how we could improve our routine and get everybody some much needed rest. It was like having a wonderful friend come and have a chat, but we also gained so much knowledge. I am so glad that Central Coast families now have access to The Nurtury, it was exactly what we needed in those early days.” - Jess, Blue Haven

“I was blessed enough to have Jenny provide me with support and guidance when my first child was born. I felt like I was flying blind for the first few weeks of motherhood, until I received some sensible, compassionate and incredibly helpful advice from Jenny in the areas of settling my baby to sleep and dealing with some postnatal anxieties that I was experiencing. At around 4 months, my son started to experience the dreaded “sleep regression”, so I sought Jenny’s help again. Jenny helped me to establish a gentle sleep training regimen so that I could support my son to establish good sleep habits and a sensible routine and it worked WONDERS. I will be forever grateful for Jenny’s guidance, patience and encouragement!” - Suse, Jilliby

“Hi Jen, I just wanted to give you an update. I feel  like you sent me a floatation ring while I was drowning with the 2 kids. Since I had that phone convo with you where you put it together that I had an oversupply, I changed things up with your advice. So thank you! I feel like you empowered me and he became a different boy! “

- Jenny

“Hi Ingrid & Jen. Just a quick message to say thank you so much for helping my mummy figure out what was wrong with my tummy and why I’ve been so unhappy feeding lately….now I’m feeding happily like I used to and my mummy is so relieved to see me smiley, bubbly and free from pain and discomfort. We know it is early days in our new routine, but today saw such a massive improvement and we can’t thank you both enough!”

- Baby Halle (and mum Katie)

“I would highly recommend The Nurtury to all mum’s and dad’s at all stages of parenthood. I found their support and guidance immensely helpful when I became a new mum. Ingrid helped me feel completely at ease with the daunting transition into motherhood. I was so grateful for her knowledge and wisdom at such a new and stressful time. The Nurtury changed my entire newborn experience so positively, I only wish I’d contacted them sooner!”

- Aimee, Mardi

“I can vouch for Jenny Milligan at The Nurtury. She’s wonderful. A beautiful listener,enabler and encourager. She was my midwife and doula for three of my babies. Wouldn’t do it without her!!”

- Lucy, Sydney

“Thank you so much for all your help, advice and info over the last month. It’s been so useful – especially the sleep and settling! We will certainly be keeping an eye out for classes to come. Oh and thanks for the scrumptious cakes and opportunity to laugh and cry when needed each week”

- Zoe

“To Jen,
I feel truly blessed to have had the opportunity to attend The Nurtury Classes these past 5 weeks. The knowledge and advice you have provided have been so valuable and have benefited us so much. I truly believe that in life we are led to those who help us most to grow and you really have helped me to grow so much in confidence as a mother. Thank you so much for the extra time and effort you have put into finding ways to help {my baby} with her issues – I really appreciate it. The Nurtury has been such a beautiful environment to support us in our early stages of motherhood and I very much hope our paths cross again in the future. My heart is full of gratitude and respect for you.”
- Amy

“To Ingrid. I feel so privileged to have met you and to have had the opportunity to benefit from your fantastic advice and experience. These past 5 weeks at The Nurtury have been a blessing and have helped me so much as I start my journey of motherhood. My heart is so full of gratitude for all the wonderful support and gentle guidance you have given us and I really will miss or weekly visits. I do hope that our paths cross again in the future.
​PS- thank you so much for the delicious cake each week- you’re the best!”

- Amy

“What a great blend of skills and empathy. The quiet reassurance when needed or the stepping in when needed or the listening ear or comforting shoulder when needed. It’s funny, but I think the one thing I was most grateful for was when Ingrid washed the dishes and hung out the clothes!”

- Karen, Speers Point

“Jen & Ingrid from The Nurtury are wonderful and such lovely ladies. My 4 month old son is one determined little boy that didn’t like to sleep, but working with Jen has literally saved us from breakdown!”

- Amanda, Wadalba

“Thank you so much for having us once again ladies. I truly wish I had found The Nurtury when I’d had my first…….it would have made such an extraordinary difference! I know to some it is a business, but you pour so much of yourselves into loving on us (not to mention feeding us!!)  and loving on our babies as well as empowering us through knowledge and wisdom to be the best mummies we possibly can be. So thankful for you. Xox”

- Bernie

“Really enjoyed the Coughs and Colds Class yesterday. You guys are so wonderful and informative. Very lovely to meet you guys.”

- Parita

“Dear Ingrid, we have loved every minute of our Thursdays with you. Thank you for sharing your skills, knowledge, cake & stories. Forever grateful!”

- Emma, Amanda, Nicole, Bec, Jemima & Rhi